Friday, October 17, 2008


So, this one is going to be a bit more of a venting and ranting session than anything. LOL I can't help it I'm just very peeved.

So, I have 4 girls from the same mother. Now, I don't like saying anything bad about anyone but oh my goodness I'm at my wits end trying to figure this girl out. Everyday her kids show at 8 am...2 of them anyway...then i get the other 2 at 11 when kindergarten is out...NOw, I dont have them three days out of the week now because of her schedule. It was suppose to be the days they are here by 8....they are picke dup by 8...and then the days they come at 11 they get picked up at about 11 at night...but it's turned into her running around town with her friends and such before and after work...and she just leaves these poor kids here....they never see her.

While I am greatful they can be with me...someone stable with a schedule and learning's gotten to the point...that their teachers speak more with me concerning the children and their behavior than they do their mother.

Last week she called and said she was getting off work early to take the kids to the like 6:30 she would be here right ater supper to get I told them and they were sooooooo excited!!! Then she didnt show so I called her...and texted her...cause one of the girls was making herself sick she was sooo upset about her not showing.....the mother showed no remorse and didn't 8 rolls around and the hubby watched them and helps them get ready for bed and I run to go get soem milk....and what do I see.....but shes at the fair with a bunch of the carney guys hanging out!!!!!!!!

I felt sooo bad for these poor kids...cant't even tell them honestly moms at I'm waiting and waiting for her...texting her that now 2 of the girls were really upset.....and again NOTHING!!! Then she doesn't show up until almost mid-night- which would have been the normal time to come...but........she said she was coming early!!!! Then when she showed she reaked of beer and cigs!!!! I was sooo sooo peeved for myself and those poor girls....

I re-eliterate how upset the girls were and she goes into a long story of having to work over-time and blah blah blah...then she say "GOSH I DONT KNOW WHY THEY ARE SO UPSET I JUST SPENT 3 DAYS WITH THEM" AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Talk about making this mama mad!!! I was at a loss of words.

Now, its not just this- she also drops the girls off late to school everyday...and the schools policy for tardiness is if the kids are late 5 days in a row they have to spend their recess in the office in time out...whihc i think is nuts and have tried to talk to they know me more then the mother....but....its policy...and so for the past three weeks the girls have gotten no recess cause after the 5th day...each day afterwards that they are late they are in the office until they are there on time!! And the mom has been told this and just doesnt care...says shes always going to be late cause shes up late and has 4 kids to get ready.......granit I know how hard it can be but i get to the school on time with 10!!!!! So, I know she can do it if she tried!

Now, I watch these children cause the office at the school knows me and what I do and was hoping I could give the kids some balance and stability cause they were getting picked up late and never knowing who was getting them...and I get paid by SRS and really do need the income from these children...but ahhhhhh it just leave sme without words of sickness for these poor kid and her complete lack of parenting.

I was a single mom and know how hard it can be...but gosh she's not even trying. Even on the days I dont have the children I wait at the school for someone to pick up the somedays they dont know who's getting them.....Two days ago...i waited for 45 minutes with them...calling everyone I knew might be one was suppose to come get them...then I see mom drive by and stop by the fair they were packing up and geting ready to her kids sit waiting and worring about if they will get picked up or if I will take them.....

I ended up taking them home with me...then I get a call from mom....she says ohhhh I was doing dishes and was going to be on time today and time just got away from me......and I was like I saw your car by the fair grounds though....and she says ohhhhh well someone else has my I say then how you going to pick them up......she had no answer and showed up minutes later in her car! ahhhhhhhhhhhh

My heart just aches for these poor kids.....I feel for them....and try to offer the mom advice but at the same time don't want to push her away cause who knows where these poor kids would end up at then and I really can't loose that income and try to find 4 more kids right now.

Any adivice would be more than helpful and I am at a loss right now. They show up and some weeks spend 65 hours a week with I am pratically raising them...which looks better now bu I also only get paid for 45 hours a week....I mean I shower them, feed them 3 times a day put them to bed....I do homework with them I do it all!!! Now, i know she's taking advantage, but at the smae point I really want the girls to have the stability and love I knw they rec. from me and my they get to do alot with us that they'd never have the options to do with theri lacking mother.



Twisted Cinderella said...

I always feel badly for kids in situations like that. They are lucky to have you.

Lisette said...

Have you contacted SRS to see if there is anything they could suggest? Usually I would say charge the mom hourly and have a late fee when they don't pick up on time, but since she is not the one paying for the childcare it wouldn't do any good.
I really think SRS will have a suggestion.