Thursday, October 16, 2008

How Does This Happen

So, due to a change in one of my parents schedules I have found myself dumb founded. This week began a new schedule for me on Tuesdays. I have found myself with only my 3.5 year old daughter between 8am and 11am.

When I first heard of the schedule change I was elated with excitment...thinking of all the things I would do in those few yet greatly need hours without an over-flowing amount of children.

Then Tuesday arrived.....and I was up by 6 as ususal to get kids dressed and everyone off to school. Then Desiree and I sat.....hmm what would we do after 7:45. So, we decided to go ahead and make the chili...she loves helping me was fun but didnt take much we made corn bread.....then blueberry muffins.....then cleaned up everything and did some light housekeeping around the house..and some un-packing since we just moved a week ago.

Then we sat down.....hmm what should we's only we did some coloring and fun stuff for her before she decided she wanted to go play on her own. I bewilderment...should I just sit and relax or DO SOMETHING. In all honesty I havent been in this tpe of situation for about 8 months to where I had more than 30 minutes with just my child in the house...other than the wee hours of the morning.

I thought to myself...How does this happen. I was sooo excited for some ME time with Desi and just with me....and then I get it and have accomplished the mornings tasks with plenty of time to spare......Have you ever been here? I keep a short list of things that shoud get done if I have a few spare moments but I felt like by doing them I was wasting some "special" time for me...yet I really wasnt in the mood to do anything like scrapbooking or reading.

I found myself a bit lost and thrown off track I guess. I had no children to break up arguements or entertain or teach or cook for...or anything...since desi had decided to do her own thing....hmmmmm

I'm interested to know if this has happened to you. To where you finally get those hours you have longed for forever...and then when you get them you;d oddly confused with what to do with them!! I just wanted to laugh at how messed up am I. LOL

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Twisted Cinderella said...

I do have times like that. Lately when I get spare time and I am not exhausted, I try to get something around the house done.