Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Every Girl Loves Some Sparkle!- (without the mess!)

What little girl doesn't love glitter! Well, I love to scrapbook and am still infatuated with glitter. Here are a few pieces I recently worked on.

Here's the key to my glittered pieces. I am always trying to do better and more with my shapes and how detailed I can get them with glitter and glitter alone. Now my secret is to use a nice thick glue...I prefer mod podge- which you can get at any craft store or even wal-mart.

Then I glitter the area...let dry for a good few hours. Handle as little as possiable! I prefer the super-fine glitter for most projects. Then I take a clear acrylic sealer spray also available everywhere and spray the shapes evenly and be sure to get along the edges. Let them sit for a few hours. Now most of the sprays do smell so I do this on the porch.....then they can dry and air out a bit so as to not smell up the house....keep in mind it will not stink after a bit! Promise!

Now you have great looking glittered pieces- by the way this works on just about every type of material....so go nuts!!!!! I use stencils to do clothes and shoes for my 3year old to add sparkle to her items as well....cause she loves glitter to!

Also, the sealers come in flat and glossy....and the glitter does not use any of its sparkle or anything after being sprayed, actually makes the glitter more intense....but it does stay in place...with none rubbing off onto scrapbook pages or your hands or anything! Its just great!

Just thought I'd share! More helpful hints to come!

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