Monday, October 13, 2008


So, the house is almost quiet...two of the eldest children are playing. But for the most part all you can hear is the peacefull slumber of the children all sleeping.....this is one of my favorite times of day. This is when I get things done that Have to be done NOW and this is when I sit and take what sometimes is my first breath of the day...but today is especially special....its one of those great slightly windy rainy days...It just screams fall!!! Yells bring on the hot coco!

Now there is a downside to this weather....all of the 11 kids here today are trapped inside...but its a great day to wrok on some great fall projects and worksheets...which they always love.

But this weather while most find it nasty gives me that clean everything gets cleaned away...not only the dirt and such outside but this type of weather is like a fresh start! And I love it!

I love feeling the leaves crunch under my feet and hearing the bristling whispers of the leaves that still remain in the trees. It's just Great!! Great!! Great!!

Just thought I would share this great it will only last a few more moments untill all of the children awake for entertainment!!

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