Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Note On Life- in general anyway

When I was 19 I was an assistant editor of a smaller newspaper...circulation was around I once wrote an editors column. As i sat here this evening I was reminded of a column I wrote about my son...then very young in comparison to life.I remember he spent well over an hour playing with this was one of those large dump trucks...he was trying to sit in it...and each time he attempted to I watched as he got dumped out of it. I swear he must have tried to master it well over 20 times...each time getting dumped out. I remember recalling how much I looked up to his drive. he was bound and determined to sit in it...and not that day...not even the next day...but a few days later after trying every chance he got finally mastered his balance and remained seated without falling. I was truly inspired.

What does this all have to do with anything you ask? Well think about many times have we strive for object, a person a feeling even...and fallen short the first so many times we have tried to acquire it.....did you give up...knowing you may fall on your rear...did you push on towards your goal or did you let it go defeated with a sore behind? Years ago I would have said I always pushed on until I got what i wanted. But now I have found over the past few years under my belt that life is precious. I lost my sister this past well as my great grandfather...both hit very close to home. I think everyone can would be easier if it were simplified...let me ask do you simply do your own life...are you running all the time...barely noticing details or are you enjoying life fr what it is. Something i have discovered over the past few years is the details soo help you appreciate life. I have learned to simplify in so many areas of my life....I used to push and battle if I felt what i felt or thought was true...but have learned that my feelings may indeed be sincere, but the way they are approached aren't always that simple. I'm sure you have all been there...when u look at yourself...and say hmm maybe I took that a bit too far...or was that really worth the fight. You see so many details when your heart is father can vouch that I used to be someone who held onto every last thing...holding it forever...thinking if i did some day i would make other see things my way or believe me...but truth is...when u do that you are just fighting...fighting the simplification, the great details in life.The greatest simplification in my life ( not saying its easy at all) was to learn to look at myself before pointing the fingers at other....this is much harder than it me!!!

I have learned to love this too isn't as easy...yes i love certain things about myself...but I mean truly love do this I have must.....look to yourself first--meaning instead of pointing fingers and blame...take responsibility for your own actions...that's all u really can do...u will never be able to force others to do it...then this is important...learn to forgive yourself...whether religious or not...if you cant forgive will u forgive yourself...and let me say now...if you say "but I don't have anything to forgive about myself" hahahahhahaha that's my laugh for you because we are all guilty of living a less than righteous life at some point. But let me also say when u learn to look at your self and then forgive then have this great free-ness about you...others can spot it miles away...and most importantly I have found after you do the previous 2 you then are able to love and forgive others...and don't try to fool yourself...there's no way you can love and forgive others if you cant yourself first...

In short...all relationships depend on 2 individuals...whether in a intimate relationship, a family relationship or a friendship...all types depend on two people loving and forgiving themselves in order to do so to others.

I can truly vouch for this....I am friends with people from my life that look at me like I am crazy...but just think...are those judging..happy with their own lives....if so then why do they feel the need to judge you. My advice is that if you can not look at yourself...then try your best not to judge others...cause how fair is that.......we all have responsibility in this life and things that one is ever blameless...or we wouldn't be human......and as I's not meant to be easy or it wouldn't be life...but it sure is fun!!! So be sure to have fun along the way!

I am lucky to have people in my life who accept me for who I am as do i them......I mean isn't that only fair...accept others for their flaws and you'd be surprised who accents you for yours as well....and don't kid yourself we all have flaws!
Pictured above is my youngest child-Landyn can't believe he will be 2 on halloween!

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