Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Round 1000 In this Un-winable Boxing Match

OK, by now I think Iw ould have made myself quite clear. Not to sound off putting in any way...but how hard is it to be a grown up!!!! Remember when you were a kid...and how if you got into a tiff it was handled...pulling hair, ugly words or if you had broher or are a boy maybe with a good punch or wrestling match.

I kinda miss those days. Last night while taking my 10th trip to Wal-mart in the day...I was browsing some new crafting supplies for the kids Valentine's Day party.I have my three children and one of my night care children. They were behaving wonderfully....I was soo proud....granit they were somewhat bribed tobehave...I twas agreed on before we entered the store that there would be no homemade cookies made later if their behaviors were crazy... Anyway back to the point.....I'm shopping...A gal next to me asked if I had used something before and she seemed quite nice.....I gave her my experience with the product. Then comes the first blow...

"So, are these your children- they are soo well behaved"

"Thank you...but I can only take credit for 3 of them." Now in my head thats enough said....HA...you all know me all to well to know that was it.

"So, you babaysit?"

"I run a preschool by day and then take a few night care kids at night but the 2 and 3 yr olds and the nine yr old are mine." as I point to each child.

She gives me a quizical look...not really scanning my body but kinda scanning me as a while. Once of the kids was elbowing the other...so I went over nealt down and told them to cut it out.

I walk about 4 feet away from the cart....my back turned to the cart....The lady moves down the isle. I slightly turn to look at something...and out of the corner of my eye...I notice the gal bent down near my cart...now I'm an up front and honest person. I turn thinking maybe my cart is in her way.....hmm she's talking to my kids...nice enough and harmless.....so I go over and move the cart ahead so that she may have view of the lower shelf she was bent down in front of.

And I tell you I gotta love my 9 yr old. The lady continues to look and he blunrts out quite loudly. "Mom, why was that lady asking me if I was your son?" My jaw dropped and I knew she could hear him. I say "I dont know Taylor...what did she say." He looks at her ...with a kinda afraid of getting in trouble look...then says "she asked if you were my mom...and said if you weren't it was okay she would help me."

I'm sorry but I don't care if I'm a God fearing woman or not. I wanted--I wished--I desperatly wanted to be 8 again. I wanted to elbow her, and yell at her and tattle tale on her and go into an all out sister like fight, I imagine pulling her hair out..calling her names that I knew were in my head but normally aren't spoken. Luckily for her I have alot of patience. But, also in a situation like this...there's not alot you can do. I get this all the time as my long time readers know. But... for goodness sake...I wanted to take her by her hair and twirl her around 360 like you see inthe movies...lol. I had soo much anger I could feel my face filling with redness and begining to tingle. Only in my head I saw her fate to be anything but fun or happy. Gosh how much I miss being a kid.

I then looked over to her and said please do not speak to MY children again. I think what you just did was very inappropiate and uncalled for. She looked at me and says something to the effect of how young I look. I just took the kid and pushed the cart away. Nothing iriatates me more then peoples own stupidity.

Now ont he other hand I maybe ....ha...I said maybe right....can see where she was coming from. At least she had the balls to say something...as many children are kidnapped or locked in cars or horrriable things and no one says anything...but I mean come on it was pretty obvious...to me and hundreds of other I guess...LOL I feel like I should have to wear a shirt around that says. "I HAD A KID AT 15" then on the back a short essay about how I have a great job, 4 degrees a loving husband and well behaved great children that are well cared for in everyway possiable. Go figure I'd post this right after expectations.....ahhhhhhh people....get a clue...really. know I'm not the only person who looks 16 at 24...lol and I sure in the hell know I'm not the first or last to have a child ata a early age...

Ok ladies lets here it ....I want to hear when you most wanted to be a kid again...was it for the fun or for the stuff you could get away with, witht a time out or grounding or spanking.


Ramblin Mama said...

Oh, there are so many times when things get tough and don't go right or the world just gets overwhelming that I wish I could run to Mommy and Daddy and have them make it all better! Or, if they can't make it better, at least give me comfort food and let me cuddle up and have a good cry.

jamauerer said...

Great story! I really admire you for taking on such a huge responsibility at such a young age. So many people just aren't up to it. Congrats!!

Tara said...

Um...Wow. I can't believe she said that. I mean, great that she cares so much but....really???! I'm with on the shirt thing. Some days I really think I'll get one made...