Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Loving Yourself First

I know I touch on this often but I think it's important for moms and dads of all ages. I truly believe you must love yourself before you can love another. Now with being parents...this can be harder than ever. So, I challenge you...to learn more about yourself...learn to love yourself.

I challenge you to make time for yourself. I am listing a few ideas and willing to have other moms share how they make time for themselves.

- soak in the tub- wait till he kids go to bed...if your tired its okay..just soak- and do NOT think about what you should be doing or need to do...just dont think!

- Read- a blog, a book a magazine...I know it can be hard but somtimes I only get a paragraph read...but I feel better...look through some of my old post for some great reads!

- Craft- I use crafting as a way to express myself..sometimes soft and sweet sometimes just letting it all out on some good paper...lol I feel liek sometimes I loose me...the real me in day to day things and crafting allows me to lt me and how i feel out.

-Blog, write, journal - it's your choice but getting things out is always good for the soul...you've read my things...hahah its not always pretty but its always honest!

- Have sex- You may not feel like it...I knwo how tired you can get but sometimes..in my case...always it does the body and mind good!!! Sometimes you just have to do it...

- Sit..........thats right.....and thats it.......just sit...dont watch tv, dont do anything just sit...after the kids go to bed, during the nap or even in the car before you leave for the store...just sit....and breathe!!!

- Make a list of all the things you do----do. I posted about this earlier...dont make a list of to do things...just make a list of things you have done...cause that's all that counts!!! What you have done...and give yourself a treat.

- Go get your hair washed and cut -- there's something all too wonderful about getting your hair washed and cut....not having to do anything but sit and enjoy...and while your there...get your nails done or tan...something just for you!!!

- Walk, job, run bike, yoga, tae bo, run the stairs - so something to get your heart pumping...for even 15 minutes...a little exercise goes a long way and while u may feel like you dont have the energy for it...you'll feel like you have more energy...I promise you'll feel like you have more energy and feel better.

- Lay off the caffinated products for a week. I swear it's amazing when you stop drinking...the first few days bites but after that its wonderful..you feel different...better...

- Eat something wonderful...I'm not saying four times a day but allow yourself to indulge in something tasty...all by yourself....a special treat just for you!

- Don't clean. I knw we all feel like we dont get enough done each day...but one night get the things done tat need to be done...then the next morning take things slow and just enjoy your childre, family, hobby...and do what u want to.

- Listen to music- something you enjoy!

ok there's some thing to et you started and I'm looking forward to seeing what others do to relax.

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Audrey said...

Great post!! My hubby will like the sex part (LOL)