Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Keeping LIsts- Boost Your Self-confidence

Afer getting a great comment in the accomplishments post I thought I would add a short entry here.

I think this is great atdive for any SAHM or WAHM. Many times in my blogs you will see little lists. I know it may seem like more work, but I think it's very beneficial to you as a person to make little lists. I try to never ...ha almost never make lists of things to be done...because I alays feel as thought I fall short.

But, I do make it a point to keep track of things I have done...why....because it takes 2 seconds to jot it down and yet the feelings of seeing something done and on paper and then having other items added to it gives me as a SAHM and WAHM a great sense of accomplishment. While I didn't completet a certain number of tasks in a day...I still feel awesome knowing I have done all of those things. LOL Because some days I know I vaccume these floors over 3 times...having other things that aren't in the normal cleaning routine...makes me feel better. always have something to look at and either valadate how hard I doo work or valadate a long much needed break....lol...use it for what you like...

Anway, try it out. Spend 2 seconds a day and just jot down ona piece of paper..some off the wall things you got done....normally I don't always iron...so if I have the time and energy to get it done....I'm super happy to add it to my list of "got dones" ad since you don't have a list of things you have to get done...they are all accomplishments...your not staring at list of half checked off items ...wondering when int he heck they will get done...you just looking at the positive....what you have gotten done!!!!

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chelsea said...

that is a super idea... I think maybe I'll put it on my to-do list. JUST KIDDING!

Cool blog!