Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tis The Season For Happiness

So, it has been some time since I have posted so wanted to give a large update on many interesting things!

- Okay a few weeks ago I posted an entry about how hard of a time I was having fighting my daughter and her bedtime routine. Well, I am proud to announce that for the last two whole weeks I have put her to bed on my own and only had to go in once on a few nights...other than that there are no more more getting up fifty time, no more fighting her. I am not even sure what I am doing differently. BUt, I just began putting her to bed and letting her know I would see her int he morning and just like that...she began falling asleep on her own and no fits or maybe it was just a it was a 1 year things but it is over...yea!!!!!!

- Christmas is upon us and this year I am especially excited! This year we were ableto do well by our own family and by a few adopted families....which pleased me greatly that we were abble to do that.

- Our new puppy is growing greatly and doing quite well. She's a handful and as I suspected I am the one primarily caring for even though we had a good two toher people (boys and men) in the house swear it would be on she has become a great addition to our home.

- I no longer am caring for the 4 small children I was watching int eh evening--you remember them thier mother was the one who drove me craxy with her in-capability to take care of her children- well I had to turn her over to child services after I found out she was allower her unstable 4 yr old to attend after her 1 yr old on her own while she ran errands and it was a double edged sword for me...lost 1700 a month in my income but did what was best for the children- she no longer is in care of any of them- I guess she was already on her 3rd strike....ahhh soo sad....but I had no choice in my situation. But I must admot I have loved having my weekends back to myself!

- I will after the new year be taking on a few new children of which I am very excited about- 2 boys around 18 months old- not siblings....also signed a new 5 yr old a week ago. Kinda refreshing after having soo many girls around (I only had my 2 sons and one other boy the rest were girls) and now it looks to be it ought to be kinda interesting. Also had one of my day time boys go to nights.

- As of today i have baked 22 loafs of bread- banana, apple strussle and cinnamon strussel. Baked well over 300 cookies......

- Today- I woke up went to the store and began cleaning the house...when I got to the kitchen---SUPRISE SUPRISE My PIPES ARE FRZEN....and only in the kitchen...of all all day I have been doing my dishes in the shower and tubs of water...this is soo not a good time to be having freezing pipes with all the cooking that goes ont his time of year. But, I bear with it....called the landlord and he said nothing he can do right I hope they don't burst tonight....

- Ok so there's a little overview- oh ya an dmy daughters hair....hmm still looks bad but shes gotten used to wearing a hat when we go

Having a great Holiday everyone!!!

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