Saturday, January 3, 2009

I Just Don't Get It

Ok, so this is going to be one of those ranting blogs. I go to the store today. Now as my readers know I had a son at a rather young age.....15. While n the store today wth my 9 yr old son....the gal at the register...young and innocent and iggnorant...made a commetn. She called my son my brother something along the line of " I bet you and your sister are going to have fun with this." My son...he's soo smart says "she's not my sister. My sister is 3." She continues to scan my items....then says "so is this your aunt or baby sitter" By this point I am slightly annoyed....I try to hold back because afterall shes just trying to make conversation. Then he just says "nope, she's my mom" She looks at me as though shes waiting for me to confirm.....I say nothing...cause well i just didn't want to...

Then she looks at me and says "really" I tell her yes I am...she says you look young and I say well thats cause I am young. Nothing but a stare from her. Ahhhhhhh why do people have to be soo obvious...and do people not think when they speak I mean my son is standing there. Sure he knows that I was young as we have discussed this many times....but must they make such a big deal out of it. I obvously care for my child...and gosh some of these people make me want to carry around all 4 of my degrees just to prove to people I'm not some crack head whore popping out babies. Ok I admit that comment may have been alot but thats the stares I get.

I just don't get it. I admit I don't agree with teens having babies, but none the less it has become quite common and yet...I get stares from old, middle aged and young...ahhh

So, ok thats it...just my rant and raves about yet more judgemental looks from people who have no clue about me and my life....ahh when will people realize juding me or these other young ladies will never help them. Drives Me Nuts.

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