Sunday, December 7, 2008

The things I Live Thru

You know the things I hear and see never seem to amae me esp. when it comes to kids...hmm but this one took the cake. So, a few mornings ago Matt came out of the room from talking to me... and says "OH SHIT" then comes back into the room and says you don't want to go out there. I say why not what has she done- Desi is always into something- one morning like 10 of my glitters mixed up. He says "she cut her hair"---I say hmm how bad....he says "very very very bad" i come out and wow there's hair piled around her. It's not alittle snip like I am used to seeing with the preschool kids. She had my sharp scrapbook the cutting wasn't hard at all. It was like cutting butter. She cut her bangs, all of the hair on one sife and butchered te other side and some in the back!

I had just taken her a week before and got a very cute cut done so that he hair wouldnt knot nearly as bad and it had worked....and then she does this....hmm you will be able to see.....I am posting a before pic...that was taken thanksgiving day and then the after shot taken right after her cutting spree. The sad part we were going to get family pics taken this year......ummmmm soo not cool. I was crying I dont mean to sound materialistic but her and I are the only girls and well I hate to see that cutness go. Some have said it looks like an edgy cut like one you would see in vouge but hmm I guess vogue isn't foe me. Normally I look at those girls and say what the hell was she thinking. So makes it hard for me to see it in a pos. So, here they are....yet another thing I have lived through and Im not dead! Go Figure and Please before syaing ah its cute or not that bad...please wonder to yourself if it happened to your head or your child's if you'd feel that

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