Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Suprise For My Followers---Read This--Something Free For Children This Holiday Season!

So, I have been reading in many blogs that I personally follow how rough this year is going to be for many family. Esp with the economy the way it is and many of you I know have cut hours or someone laid off or just life that makes it impossiable to get everything you want to get for your loved ones and most importantly your children.

So, i sell items on Etsy. I have posted briefly about it previously. This year I am selling cute letters from santa with "reindeer" food. The letters are all personal...not one where I just fill in your childs name and a few details...sooooooo I was thinking.....if you aren't well off for the holidays or say you know a family who is not going to have a giftful holiday..(not that that's what its all about in any mean but I have three children and run a preschool and know ho wwe always wish we could do more) Anyway this year I am blessed with spare income I normally would not have...I already sell these letters quite cheap, but right now I have 10 followers...I am have decided that each follower can email me at with either your childrens or a family you know who will go with litle to none this year. I will need an address, childs name, age, sex, did they move recently, what are they asking santa for, will they for sure be getting anythign they are asking for?, is there anythign you want santa to say to "you've been goo dbut remember not to jump on your bed" or anything like that...and any other what they are into or anything like that. Each letter is different. and each letter will come with reindeer food!

This is my gift of giving this either your family or someone you know- so all your gracious followers---thank you....and like I said this is please email me with any questions or your kids info. These letters also come with a north pole post mark for those...oh so skeptical older But the letters ARE FREE!! So, please if youd like to give my gift to someone you know...this is sure to add spark to someone.

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Twisted Cinderella said...

Oh this would make Princess Belle's day! I have written to you about this one!