Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Don't judge me....

don't look at me like that.

I live in a small community. It's over flowing with that I call helecoptor PTO moms. These are the moms who would rather die than miss one soccer pratice, who overflow their children with activities as well as themselves. You know these women no matter where you live. Maybe your even one of them. Their the moms that no matter what tiem of day or where you see them they have their perfectly pressed, non stained clothes on, hair in perfect place, make-up done to the T and look as though they get all the sleep in the world. Their the moms that I often look at and wonder hmm what am I doing wrong. I rarly put on my face just to leave the house, always have paint or something on me and well.. the hair.. even when all dolled up to go out is never to perfection.

These moms slightly annoy me. It's not their fault. I just can't stand that everytime I run into them. All they have to talk about is the great things their family, kids, hubby or themselves are doing. I can meet the same 20 women anywhere in town throughout a month and they never have anythign to say that doesn't reflect wonderfully on their perfect life. Now i'm not ignorant. I know their lives, children and family aren't perfect. You may say well their just positive people and don't want to discuss negative things or maybe they don't want to be that person always complaining. Which i agree both of those suck. But every now and then its good to see someone be human. Make mistakes, admit to their kids nto beign perfect.

I am not friends with these mothers. I may know them. Exchange friendly waves and small talk. But, would they ever invite me to dinner... nooooooo. Partially because I'm an incomplete family. They've never had a divorce and if they have they're never spoken of. They don't drink or if they do its the classy kinda drinkin. They don't swear or at least never in public. they didn't have children outta wedlock or as a teenager. Their children all come from one father. I'm trash I'm sure in their eyes. It doesn't bother me. I'm ok with not being a part of "the group". However, what I do not like and what bothers me is the looks. I often get looks from these moms.. at the store when my daughter refused to let me put up her hair thats a mess even after you brush it, or my son wants to wear something that doesn't match at all out to dinner, or when I'm shopping at night with or without my kids and well i look a mess. I'm sure many of you can sympathize with me on this. Their the moms that make you feel as though you're never quite adding up to what you should be. Not doing enough. Like I said its not all their fault.. sure the looks are and making others feel inseperior. But the fact that they can do it all is slightly impressive. However... it just annoys the FUCK outta me.

Yep.. I jsut used one of those words.. no classy woman much less a mother should ever use.

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