Monday, February 15, 2010

Spring Fever

So, this morning it occured to me that I beleive spring fever has hit my house. Every child here seems to b wired with an oddly more then normal amount of energy. Perfect timing as today my assitant called out sick. I feel their pain though so try to sympathize with them. I can not wait for those perfect spring says to where you step outside and its just right...not too hot and not too cold...I find those days onyl come in spring and fall...but I adore them! I can't wait to go camping this summer, get everyone out of the house. Winters are always hard with me running a some kids can go out some can becomes one large mess...but this winter for some reason seems to of gotten to us all alot more then usual.

Yesterday, I watched it snow soo hard and fast that I could not see out my windows...and within 20 minutes it had stopped...ground covered in a new fresh coat of snow and the sun was out. I have foudn the last week that I felt decieved by what I saw outside. There would be no snow and the sun would be shinnign and it would "appear" to look beauitful out...take a step outside and you freeze to I can't wait for warm weather. I happen to love snow and love the cold as it always seems I'm hot, but this year I just want it overwith.

Here's some pretty pictures of some of the snow in the last for the lighting but it was like 5am

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Vi said...

I think my kiddos have spring fever. You are still either the bravest or craziest woman I have met yet.