Friday, May 15, 2009

Just Take A Deep Breath

- Whne you find out a child let a toy fish go swimming in the toilet...take another breath when youg e tthe bill from the plumber for having to remove the toilet to fish out the fish after it's clogging the toilet cause a huge flood.

- When 2 toddlers decide to see hwo many flushes and full rolls of toilet paper they can flush at once...cause a flood...and then leaking thorugh the floor to your lower level ceilings.

- When you have someone else's kid ook at you and say "hi stupid slut!" not in a rude way but in a perfectly funa nd delightful way.

-When a long time parent of over a year all of a sudden quits beinging their chid to your daycare...even after you gave them 14 free weeks because they were laid off....take another breath when they don't ever make an attempt to pay you or speak to you...then take another breath before telling your daughter why her best friend of all time no longer comes to see her.

- When you need a good release and he's the only one who gets one!!!

- When you waxed your legs with no pain or problem at made it through a natural chidbirth and then decide to wax your private bad can it hurt..AHHHHHHHH ok take a big scream for this!!!

- When you feel as though there's two people in the house and yet...your the only one listening to the fighting and screaming and fighting between children.

-When you put on make-up for the first time in a few weeks during the day for no reason at all...and another parent says.."wow, I didn't know...umm wow, you wear make-up." as though they are dumb founded that you can wear it or something.

- When for the ump tenth time someone questions whether or not your children are yours because of how young you look.

-When the only adult peple you tak to in a day are those you chat with on-line and you this healthy.

- When you just cleaned a room and before you make it to the's trashed with toys and things the baby will put into their mouth.

- When a child wakes up in a bad mood and no matter what you do they won't come out of it...

- When it's your turn to mow the lawn and you spent 4 hrs with the push mower...then when its the hubbys turn he calls a friend for the riding mower.

- When the newest thing you have bought yoursef is cleaners for the house...heck they do make your job slightly easier.

- When you have to rack your brain for a week trying to decide what you and your kids can do away from the hom for 3 hrs while you bomb your house...and come up with nothing better than the park that you want to risk doing at that hour of the day.

Hmm so thats all for now....Note: all of these events happened within the last week!!! hahahaha

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